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You found a FREE source of wallpapers for mobile phone that nobody else has! Top Wallpapers NEW WALLPAPERS These wallpapers are coming from the exclusive computer wallpaper collection. You can download free mobile wallpapers

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Latest News
what is new and what we plan to do

Hello Visitors. It has been a while since we did not posted into this website but now we are back and we are ready to work on our mobile wallpaper website. We will start by letting you know about our future plans so here are the updates we are planning to make

Top Mobile wallpapers
We will start making a top with the most downloaded wallpapers from our website. Next we will insert a mobile wallpaper rating system for you to choose and vote the top. If someone has no time to search and look where is the best he will check the top and this is all

Add More content
- add more cool mobile wallpapers
- make a section where you can select the phone type you have. We know many of you are not tech guys and you dont know about wallpaper resolution so the system will automatically select your type of wallpapers

More wallpaper filters
We will ad filters for mobile phone (like Nokia, Blackberry, iphone). We have about 4000 wallpapers but we will add more up to 10 000 wallpapers

Later we will start adding tablet wallpapers. This is the trend now so we must go with it by now.

Quality Wallpapers
We had a few peoples complaing about the poor JPG quality. GOOD NEWS! We will start to filter them so you stay only with the best onse

Mobile Games
click & download free !!!

Download Doom3Download DungeonDownload GodDownload AsphaltDownload Soul Of DarknesDownload NFL Soocer
Download Brain
Download  BruceLee
Download TotalDownload TetrisDownload PleDownload Metal Slug

This is a cool free download section with games you can download for your mobile phone. That's right, you dont have to pay anything!!! You will have to upload this content on your phone using the phone's instructions. Yes. This games are totally free. Just click on them to start instant download! To start the dowload you have to click the game you want Download Jar format games for your cell phones, All are Free...

few definitions for beginners

What is a mobile wallpaper?
Mobile wallpaper
, like a mobile game, is a piece of content that is installed on mobile phones or other mobile devices, such as PDAs and portable music players, like the Apple iPod.
A wallpaper is simply a graphic that is formatted to fit the screen of a digital device, whether it is a desktop computer or a portable device.

Due to differences in screen resolution, mobile wallpapers exist in different sizes :

mobile game is a video game played on a mobile phone, smartphone, PDA, handheld computer or portable media player. This does not include games played on handheld video game systems such as PlayStation Portable or Nintendo DS.

The first game that was pre-installed onto a mobile phone was Snake on selected Nokia models in 1997[1]. Snake and its variants have since become the most-played videogame on the planet, with over a billion people having played the game

Free Snake Games | Free Mobile Games

Note that wallpaper's size is important. There are different Phone Models (Read the list)

What is a mobile game?
Mobile games are played using the technologies present on the device itself. For networked games, there are various technologies in common use. Examples include text message (SMS), multimedia message or GPRS location identification.

However, there are non networked applications, that simply use the device platform to run the game software. The games may be installed over the air, they may be side loaded onto the handset with a cable, or they may be embedded on the handheld devices by the OEM or by the mobile operator.

Mobile games are usually downloaded via the mobile operator's radio network, but in some cases are also loaded into the mobile handsets when purchased, or via infrared connection, Bluetooth or memory card.

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* Top Software Reviews for Mobile

a top software list you dont want to miss

Flash Player Mobile enables you to play Flash Movies, animation and games in your Pocket PC device outside both in full screen mode and in landscape mode. Landscape mode also supported WM2003. VGA and Square Screen Aware. WM5/WM6 Compatible. Full screen and Landscape playback available. Zoom 100% to 150%

Opera Mini 4 delivers a fast, impressively advanced user-friendly experience with this upgrade to its mobile phone browser. Keypad hot keys speed up zooming and scrolling. The browser comes with a familiar mouse control. You can create your own search shortcuts, synchronize your bookmarks with your other Opera browsers, and alternate between rendering views. Rating * * *

BlackBerry Desktop Software allows you to easily customize synchronization and configuration settings between your desktop PC and your BlackBerry smartphone

Kaspersky Mobile Security (Symbian OS) 8.0 is designed to ensure protection of mobile devices against malware programs, unsolicited calls and messages. Anti-Theft feature locates your phone if lost or stolen, remotely blocks or wipes device. Data Encryption feature secures your most sensitive files and folders. Anti-Spam feature blocks annoying ad calls and SMSs. Parental Control feature knows your child's whereabouts, prevents unwanted calls and messages.

Mfarhanonline Mobile Messenger provides a great universal instant messaging platform that works seamlessly across your desktop and mobile phone, fully integrated with your address book. You can also log into other popular Instant Messaging services such as MSN, AIM, and Yahoo Messenger! and chat while you walk


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Mobile Wallpapers
– Download free mobile wallpapers on your mobile phones from youtring.com to get trendy background wallpapers on your mobile phones.

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